Mountain View

Go PRO – IDC Prep



he IDC Prep course with Scuba Center Asia is a 2,5 day informal & fun course in where you get prepared and fine-tuned for the actual PADI Instructor Development Course! It will give you some extra comfort in your diving skills, presentation skills, dive theory and PADI Standards and Procedures. It will also give you a deeper insight of where you may need to improve on during the actual PADI Instructor Development Course. We recommend this course to any IDC candidate who:

  • has not recently finished their Divemaster Course,
  • has a leadership level certification from another dive organization and wants to become familiar with the PADI training system
  • want to have more hands on practice after finishing your PADI E-learning program
  • want to become confident at the level which is going to be expected during your PADI Instructor Development Course.

Day 1
  • Skill practice & fine-tuning demonstration skills in the pool where you get evaluated and advised on where to improve.
  • Fine-tuning of your Rescue skill exercise 7 ‘unconscious diver at the surface’ which you need to master during the Instructor Examination.
  • Review skill practices
  • How to navigate easily through the PADI Standards & Procedures of the PADI Instructor Manual and PADI Guide to Teaching.

Day 2
  • Recap of the Dive Theory subjects Physics, Physiology, Equipment, RDP and General Skills and Environment.
  • Practice and time for qu