Blue Corner


    Blue Corner dive site at the corner of Lembongan island is for the thrill-seekers among us scuba divers. We recommend this dive site for experienced divers only. The thrill comes with strong currents. Easiest, the most excited, most tough dive site of Lembongan, Penida and Bali. A reef wall shaped in a corner with canyons to “relax” if needed. The fun starts at a deeper depth, so you don’t want to waste time getting down. When diving Blue corner dive site, you find the famous Ocean Sunfish, the Mola mola, in a row at the perfect time and day! Blue Corner dive site is a favourite for the big stuff. Other cool stuff to see underwater while diving is sharks, marble rays, eagle rays, and dolphins! Blue Corner dive site lies at the top north corner of Lembongan island. The dive site is the pinpoint where different currents come together. Hence, this is the favourite place for the giant creatures to hunt and hang out.

    We only dive this dive site on request and on the perfect day and time. Safety is our number one priority, so we can’t go diving here if the tides are not in our favour. Another important note: before we take you out here, we like to see you diving first. In other words, if Blue Corner dive site is on your diving wishing list, tell us, and make sure you book at least two days of diving with us.