What To Do Besides Scuba Diving


he thing to do besides scuba diving is to explore Nusa Lembongan! The island is like a hidden gem with many little secret beaches and passages along the way. Visit the Yellow Bridge! This famous Yellow Bridge connects Lembongan island and Ceningan island! Compared to Nusa Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan islands are a true island paradises. Small, few cars, and safe to explore. The way to explore Nusa Lembongan is by driving a scooter or renting a bicycle if you are a more sporty person. A scooter may not be the best vehicle to explore the island if you are with a larger group or small kids. In that case, rent a buggy.

The cool thing about booking your diving trip with us and having your accommodation nearby is our location: Mushroom beach area. The island has two main sections: Mushroom (by the locals known as Lembongan) and Jungut Batu. Jungut Batu is the more busy part, with many dusty streets on the island’s far end. The Mushroom area is ideal for exploring the island:

  • The Mushroom area is between Ceningan island and busy Jungut Batu.
  • It’s a short drive to the famous Yellow Bridge, the seaweed farms, the stunning cliffs of Devil’s Tear, and the sunsets of Sandy Bay.
  • If you like to visit the more busy area and the Mangrove forest of Jungut Batu, it’s also a short drive.

In other words, the Mushroom beach area is in the perfect middle to explore Nusa Lembongan. Exploring Lembongan Island is an adventure in itself! Make sure you turn your camera on!

10 Tips you must DO:

  • Secret Beaches

    Look for the Secret Beaches on Lembongan and Ceningan Island

  • Mangrove Forest

    Mangrove tour by kayak or traditional boat, with or without a guide

  • Day Trip

    Day trip to Nusa Penida

  • Surf Spots

    Visit the best surf spots around Lembongan Island

  • Yoga

    Relax and stretch after a day of diving

  • Sunset drinks

    Sunset drinks on Devils Tear or Sandy Bay

  • Good Vibes

    Listen to the good tunes at The Lounge BAR and restaurant

  • Local Warungs

    Dinner at the local Warungs on Lembongan Island facing Ceningan Island

  • Stand Up Paddle

    Stand Up Paddle (SUP) during sunrise or sunset

  • Explore The Island

    Explore the island by bike or with a buggy

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