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cuba diving around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is a dive experience like no other. Imagine glorious coral reefs, endless deep coral walls, drift diving, or macro diving. Imagine diving with manta rays and the mysterious Ocean Sunfish, a.k.a. the Mola, dolphins jumping and swimming next to the dive boat. That is your dive trip with us at Scuba Center Asia, an experience you will never forget!

The good news: We have more than one dive boat! We organize the boats based on the level of expertise or based on friends who want to dive together. One dive group consists of a maximum of 4 diving guests. There will be a Dive Instructor or Divemaster guiding the group. Sometimes there is also a backup Divemaster to assist with the group of divers. With PADI courses, the same thing. A course group is a maximum of 4 student divers to one dive instructor.

We try our best, to make it Your Day! One dive trip consists of two dives. In general, the dive trips take place in the morning. If you like to also go diving in the afternoon, please let us know so we can arrange the best diving experience for you!

For beginner divers or divers that did not go out diving for a longer period, we can do a scuba refresher first. This means a quick refresher on the basic diving skills in our in-house training pool so you feel more confident in the water. After we take you out in the open water. 



our scuba diving day is finally here! In the morning we expect you to be at the dive shop at 7.30 am. Please be on time, because we plan our dive trips on the perfect timing and weather conditions. There is free coffee, tea, or water waiting for you! We will introduce you to your dive instructor or divemaster and you meet your new dive friends! You can store your personal belongings in the dive shop lockers or bring them to the dive boat. After this meet-and-great, we head down to the boat on the beach. On the dive boat, we will set up your dive gear together and explain the safety regulations of the boat. Then it’s time to relax and enjoy the incredible scenery of the island while driving to the first dive site.

Once arrive at the dive site, your dive instructor or divemaster will give you a detailed briefing of the dive. The dive depth will be dependent upon your dive certification and your safety is always our priority. If you have special requirements, please let our team know. Do not wait until you are in the water.

After your first dive, there is a little break of about an hour on the dive boat. You will get a lovely homemade Indonesian vegetarian brunch box and there is coffee, tea, and water. During this surface interval, our captain will drive the boat to the second dive site. After the second dive, we all head back to the dive center. Here you log the dives in one of our lounge areas. If you are hungry or thirsty there are lots of yummy beverages and food waiting for you. If you do not have time to log your dives at that moment, no problem, but please inform your dive instructor. You can also meet later in the afternoon in the Lounge restaurant next door and hang out with your new scuba friends to plan your next dives!

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