Manta Bay


    f we can’t go to Manta Point, we go to Secret Manta. Another name for this fantastic dive site is Manta Bay. Not so secret anymore because you can see the Manta’s swimming just a meter beneath you from the surface. If you are lucky, we can snorkel with the Manta rays.The dive site is shallow and covers a huge area of the south of Nusa Penida. Underwater Manta Bay is a spectacular dive site. Besides the manta rays, we find nurse sharks, lots of nudibranchs, turtles, and other cool diving stuff. Manta Bay dive site is ideal for beginner divers if the waves are minimum. You don’t find any currents here. Sometimes we feel a light swell while diving witch swings you slightly from left to right and back—a very cool feeling underwater. Before we start the dive, we give you a detailed dive briefing about the code of conduct while diving with manta rays. Safety is our priority, after all. Plus, we like to promote good diver behaviour around the mantas.