Published June 30, 2016 | Diving, Duiken, Equipment

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It is important that every diver keep their diving gears well maintained throughout the year.
Here are some tips that can help:


Baby shampoo does a great job of cleaning and defogging your mask so use that instead of spit which creates a layer of bacteria. After the dive, you need to soak your mask in warm fresh water so that the salt dissolves. To scrub it, use a toothbrush. Towel your mask dry and then keep it in a dry place that is cool. Make sure there isn’t any direct sunlight. Protect your lenses from being scratched by wrapping the mask in clothes when you travel.


Allow it to soak in some warm fresh water. Knead it so that all the areas are cleaned and then rinse it thoroughly. Do the same with the inside. Do not put it in the washer and dryer. When storing it, keep it in a dry place that is cool and away from direct sunlight. Keep the zippers open and then fold it over a hanger that is not made of wire to dry.


Again, soak it in fresh water and then clean both the inside and out. Hold it upside down to drain any water via the mouthpiece and then squeeze it and depress the deflator. Do this until the entire salty residue is finished. It should be hang up to dry facing down away from direct sunlight but in a cool and dry place. Before you pack it for travel, make sure that it is dry and keep it far from anything that has the ability to puncture it.

Regulator Checking Your Scuba Diving Regulator

Before you do anything with the regulator, release just a little bit of the air inside to get rid of any debris. After your dive, be sure to dry the dust cap prior to replacing it. After this, you should soak it in fresh water for a rinse. Keep it away from direct sunlight in a dry and cool place. You may also consider using some silicone conditioner sprayed onto a rag to wipe it and leave it shiny.


Start by giving them a fresh water soak to get rid of the salt. Silicon conditioner can also be sprayed onto the parts made of rubber. Again store them in a place that has no sunlight and is dry and cool. You need to hang them using their straps or just put them down vertically. Carry them in a bag that is big enough to carry them ensuring that they are not bent.