Published February 9, 2017 | Diving, Duiken, Nusa Lembongan

About Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is easy to access from Bali’s mainland. Just drive to Sanur Beach and then catch a speed boat from there. Boats leave every hour throughout the day and will charge about Rp 300,000 per head for a round trip. The options given are either Jungut Batu or Mushroom bay and seeing as both are on Nusa Lembongan, you just need to make your choice. The boat ride will generally take about 25 minutes if the waves are not too big. If you tend to get sea sick, do not worry about that to much because you are on Nusa Lembongan before you know it!

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Where to Stay at Nusa Lembongan

There are many options available including beach housing that enables you to listen to the lapping waves throughout the night. The views of the ocean will take your breath away. Many of the little resorts have a swimming pool and you can sit by the pool, enjoy evening cocktails and watch the sunset to your heart’s content. While here at Nusa Lembongan, you can enjoy the world class scuba diving, surfing, great food, lazing around the beach and exploring the unexplored of Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida.

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Transportation on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is one of those awesome islands where transportation is not as accessible as ‘normal’. Nope, there are no real taxi’s! The easiest way to do explore Nusa Lembongan is to rent a bike if you have the license. If not, do not worry about it because there is hardly any police on the island.  You will find that the roads here are not so packed with traffic. Renting a bike is  average 70,000 IDR daily allowing you the freedom to explore the island at your pace. You may also consider renting a bicycle. If you are only going a short distance, you can probably have a little walk and enjoy the surroundings. Exploring Nusa Lembongan is really easy. You can get a guidebook at no cost at any restaurant or hotel.

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You should consider going scuba diving or surfing here because there are excellent reef breaks, waves and world-class scuba diving. The best time to go surfing is from April to the month of September or October. Exploring the area for fun is a great way to spend your day. Go over the bridge that connects Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan and visit a seaweed farm, secret beach and many other places. Diving in Nusa Lembongan with the clear waters will give you access to many different sea animals and when you are done, find a great place to have a bite of some of the delicious foods on offer. If you come for diving in Nusa Lembongan, then Scuba Center Asia is the best option for you! Here our team will help you to get an amazing experience.

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