Published February 6, 2017 | Courses, Diving, Duiken, Nusa Lembongan

The 1st clean up dive of 2017 by Scuba Center Asia at Nusa Lembongan is a fact!

What a beautiful morning it was this the 31st of January. Low season ‘tourism-wise’, so let’s do something and dive against debris! The staff got together and prepared themselves for a underwater clean up dive at one of the busiest tourism spots of the island called “Lembongan reef”.

Why a clean up dive is needed?

The 1st clean up dive of the year Scuba Center Asia planned at Lembongan reef because of the increase of a certain tourism at that spot. A tourism spot known for the floating pontoons which are unfortunately allowed around our beautiful island. A tourism spot known for an increase of snorkelers arriving on day cruises from Bali every day. The increase in tourism is great, although the down site is the increase of rubbish the tourist and the companies in charge leave when the tourist leave again later that day. Enough reason to scuba dive under and around the floating pontoons to clean up and dive against debris!

before clean up dive lembongan

What was found during the underwater clean up dive?

During the underwater clean up dive the estimated amount of rubbish found was 20 kg. The clean up dive was done by 4 divers only during a 50 minute scuba dive. So a pretty good result if you ask us! Cool and funny objects like a fake Ray Ban sunglasses, a part of what seemed to be a swim shorts or even a ‘Happy Chinese New year’ lantern was found! Other more disturbing objects like parts of fishing nets, fishing lines and lots of plastic cubs & bottles were found.

underwater clean up dive scuba center asia


aware clean up dive scuba center asia

What you can do besides helping during a clean up dive?

Besides attending a clean up dive whenever there is one near you, you can do a lot of things to minimize the debris above and underwater. Ideas would be like the following:

  • stop using straws
  • stop using plastic water bottles, instead use refillable bottles
  • stop using plastic bags and bring your own cotton or washable bag
  • stop allowing putting things in plastic which are gonna be wrapped in plastic, and in plastic to take away in a plastic or Styrofoam box
  • stop think and act when and where you through things away
  • start educating yourself about the ways you can help minimize waste in general
  • start educating others if you feel up to it to help minimize waste in general
  • start contributing to numerous organisations like Project AWARE who fight for protection of our oceans – one dive at a time.
  • start being an AWARE advocate yourself by looking into courses you mind find interesting
  • and more and more and more

Numerous things can be done and a very important thing to remember is that “Every little thing” will help! A clean up dive is one of that!

Curious when Scuba Center Asia is planning for the next clean up dive or AWARE event?! Stay tuned at the Facebook site or contact us now!