Published November 10, 2016 | Diving, Duiken

More and more divers are now using GoPro cameras for underwater filming. These versatile cameras help capture fleeting moments with unmatched clarity and sharpness, even underwater. GoPro cameras come with several accessories to make the video experience much easier. One of these accessories is filters, GoPro filters that are meant to be used underwater.

snorkel with GoPro Filters

The GoPro cameras come with a variety of filters which improve their versatility, allowing the divers to take better videos underwater. These glass filters fit onto the camera very securely. They are scratch resistant and have better optical properties than plastic filters.

The new set of underwater GoPro filters include:

  • Magenta filter
  • Macro filter
  • Polarizing filter
  • Neutral Density filter
  • Red filter
  • Switchblade 2.0 filter

Magenta filter
These filters also help with the lack of red light but are ideal for use in green water. Magenta filters also increase color and contrast in the videos. They are best used between 10 and 80 feet and in ambient light.

Macro filter
These filters offer a magnification of 2.2X which helps you capture photos and videos of small objects. Make sure that you are at least 12 inches from the subject since this filter’s focus range is between 2 to 8 inches. You can even move closer to the subject if you want more detail.

Polarizing filter
This filter helps reduce glare and adds contrast and saturation to the scene. Ideal for clear water and sunny days. The Polarizing filter is a good addition if the divers are looking to take underwater landscape photographs or videos.

Neutral Density filter
This filter blocks light and allows the camera to slow down its shutter speed. Slow shutter speed can create blurs or improve action in frames. Although this filter is not ideal for underwater photography, it can help if you are trying to take good pictures of waves of the ocean. gopro-filters

Red Filter

These filters are ideal for blue or tropical waters where there is a lack of red light. The red filter helps add vibrant color and contrast to the video, making it as accurate as possible. The filter should be used in ambient light and they work best between 10 and 80 feet.

Switchblade 2.0 filter
This filter is a combination of macro and red filters. You can use both filters at the same time. The red filter improves contrast and corrects white balance while the macro filter allows you to take pictures of smaller subjects.

Explore all these filters with your new GoPro camera and take underwater photos and videos like a professional. If you already know which GoPro filters you need, then you are ready diving with us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Pic credit GoPro Red Filter : polarpro