Published October 13, 2016 | Conservation, Diving, Duiken, Environment

When it comes to global warming, it doesn’t only affect us who lives on the ground, but also our little friends underwater. Bleached corals, plastic waste strangled on sea animals, destroyed coral reefs, are only a few problems that underwater world is experiencing. One way to help is by becoming a responsible diver. Here are how:


Don’t use gloves – When diving, gloves make divers feel protected from touching hazardous material or being in touch with hydroids. But gloves also make divers feel comfortable touching whatever they might including reefs. Coral reef is easily distressed, touching them is a way of killing them. So, better put your gloves in your pocket until they are extremely needed.

Practice how to dive properly – Unprepared divers tend to hold on to something when they are scared. Holding on to reef becoming something that they do unconsciously. Knowing how to dive properly eliminate the chance of damaging the reef.

Sustainable Sunscreen – Sunscreen protects you from the sun, but will it protect underwater creatures? Make sure that your sunscreen is free of oxybenzone, as this material kill coral.

Waste – Your waste doesn’t belong underwater. Be careful with your waste being blown off of your boat. Candy wrappers, cigarette butts, plastic bottles should be properly disposed on land.

Don’t feed the fish – Feeding the fishes makes underwater food chain off balance. This behavior will make the fish ignore the natural food resources making a significant implications to the ecosystem.

Responsible operators – Diving with responsible operator will make your trip enjoyable both for you and the underwater world. Letting future divers be amazed with the beauty that you see today.

Appreciate eco-Friendly Guide – If you happen to use the service of not-so-responsible operator, don’t be afraid of tipping the guide if she/he happens to be eco-friendly. Appreciate what they do so that they pass it on to their next guests.

Sustainable shop – Purchasing ocean products and shells will have impacts to the underwater world. One of the ocean products that have a very important roles in marine ecosystem is Mollusks. Mollusks grazing on the reefs to prevent the overgrowth of algae. Selling their shells by removing them from the ocean will make the ecosystem unbalanced.

Now that you’re ready to be one eco-friendly diver, make sure you dive with us. Visit our website and contact us so that we can arrange your next diving trip in Nusa Lembongan.