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Fundraise for Ocean protection to support Project AWARE

A fundraise to support Project AWARE in her Ocean protection is every year organized around the holiday season by me (Kim). The fundraiser is supported by an online so called Finathon!

Project AWARE is doing a lot! And you can help also.

Fundraise for Ocean protection online – why?

My heart breaks when I hear and see pictures of killings concerning our Sharks. The worlds most incredible species around. Everyone knows Sharks getting killed for their fins, but what everyone does NOT know is in what kind of numbers they are killed every single day.

dead shark penida island

As a Shark fanatic and AWARE Shark conservation Instructor I help educating divers and non divers about the conservation status and what we all can do. Social media is a strong media, but only showing terrifying, heartbreaking pictures is not enough.

The ugly truth of shark finning

To help my Fundraise – HOW?!

With my Finathon action I hope YOU want to help increase the funds that are needed to make necessary steps. Funds raised support Project AWARE’s conservation work and fuels the grassroots action.

  • You can either donate online to go to my Fundraise page called kimsfundraiser 2017
  • You can come to diveshop Scuba Center Asia itself in Nusa Lembongan and donate directly so we make sure the money comes to the right place for the fundraise
  • You can join the AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course held on 15th of December at Scuba Center Asia and make a donation either online or direct.

AWARE shark conservation specialty course

Fundraise to support Project AWARE – What does that mean?

Support through the fundraise challenge of mine helps Project AWARE doing what they do best!

  1. Project AWARE  advocates for science-based fishing limits for sharks and rays and a precautionary approach to be taken when species information is lacking. They fight the tough, long battles needed to implement protection policies for some of the world’s most threatened sharks and rays – including global wildlife agreements and inter-government treaties like CITES, CMS or regional fishery regimes.
  2. Project AWARE represents our voice, the scuba diver voice, emphasizing the importance of keeping the ocean clean and healthy when and where the decisions are being made. They negotiate strong policies to ensure a brighter future for our ocean and its wildlife.
  3. Fight to stop the ugly journey of trash! It’s awefull but trash as in the millions kg of plastics floating around on our ocean beds. By education and awareness we, YOU can help to make a difference!

So YES, please HELP ME by ONLINE Donation for my wonderful project:

Kimsfundraise2017 a Fundraise for Ocean protection and education about the Shark Conservation status.

Thank you! For further questions please email me at info@scubacenterasia or drop a personal message at facebook


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