Published April 13, 2018 | Diving, Duiken

Dive Instructor G-man

My personal story of being a Dive Instructor at PADI IDC Resort Scuba Center Asia Lembongan starts here. Of course everyone agrees that running a hobby as a job is a fun thing and also of course many people will agree that staying in an island that has beautiful scenery with the hospitality of the typical Indonesian citizens is a fun thing too. So imagine if you do a job as a Dive Instructor that you love in a beautiful island and surrounded by friendly people! How amazing is that!


Living as a Dive Instructor at Nusa Lembongan area

In the south east of Bali island there are three beautiful islands with all its charm. The three islands are listed as areas under the governance of Klungkung district of Bali province. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida are the three island names that have many attractions for tourists. For example beautiful beaches, mangrove forests, great mountain scenery, a place to enjoy the sunset. Or other activities like  tour around the island, a private tour at the Mangrove forest using small boats or Yoga, snorkeling, surfing and the main thing is scuba diving!

PADI IDC Dive Resort Scuba Center Asia Mushroom beach Lembongan

For me living on the island Nusa Lembongan as a Dive Instructor gives me lot to do after work, although I love my job! But yes hanging out after work looking at the perfect sunset makes me very happy!


Diving as a Dive Instructor at Nusa Lembongan with Scuba Center Asia

As a diver, diving in the waters of Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida is a fun thing because of the incredible underwater beauty. Various types of underwater creatures can be found here such as various types of fish with varying sizes and colors, eels, shrimp, crabs. Another interesting thing when diving the waters of these three islands is the existence of Manta Rays fish type reef manta which can be found in the area of Nusa Penida and Mola Mola fish or commonly referred to as Ocean Sunfish which is often seen in the season that is August, September and October. Both types of fish is the allure for divers around the world to come dive here.

As a Dive Instructor it’s even better because I can scuba dive every day!

Dive Instructor G at PADI IDC Dive Resort Scuba Center Asia Lembongan mushroom

The three islands Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida are surrounded by 19 dive sites and have the perfect variety of dive sites for a person who wants to learn to dive, a novice diver and an experienced diver who wants challenges and different things.

Dive sites Nusa Penida Lembongan Ceningan


Working as a Dive Instructor at Scuba Center Asia Nusa Lembongan

Me as a Dive Instructor love to guide you around or teach you all about these amazing beautiful underwater creatures and the about scuba diving itself! Plus  Scuba Center Asia with all its excellence and service is ready to give you an unforgettable impression. Did you know you can also become a Dive Instructor at Scuba Center Asia! The Course Director is Kim and she is just amazing. Check out IDCwithKim , also because of Scuba Center Asia being a PADI IDC Dive Resort I have the opportunity to become a better Dive Instructor and to get up to the next level! Maybe one day even as a PADI Staff Instructor! That would be cool. So yes, ask me anything when I see you visiting our lovely Dive Center at Mushroom beach. You can find us in the mainstreet and have this awesome Bar Next Door! Nice food and meeting place for me and all my students and divers.

The BAR Next Door PADI IDC Dive Resort Scuba Center Asia Lembongan Mushroom

As a Dive Instructor I am proud to be part of one of the best dive centers, PADI IDC Dive Resort Scuba Center Asia, with a cool work team make me like I am in a harmonious family.

Thank you for reading my personal story as a Dive Instructor of Scuba Center Asia Lembongan island