Published November 11, 2015 | Diving, Duiken, Nusa Lembongan

Happy scuba divers of Lembongan!

What an amazing few weeks it was! Holiday time on paradise Nusa Lembongan means chilling, relaxing, scuba diving, fun, sleep & repeat! Meet the happy scuba divers of Lembongan of October!

Happy scuba divers LembonganScuba diving around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is a dive experience like no other. In the crystal clear waters around Nusa Lembongan and its neighbouring islands Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida, you will find the most diverse dive sites – all in the ‘front yard’ of us!

Whether it’s the glorious coral reefs, the endless deep pinnacles, the funny underwater playgrounds, diving through canyons, getting carried away on a drift dive, seeing the mysterious Mola Mola’s, discovering the beautiful grace of the manta’s, or the beauty of the small and stunning creatures of the macro life in our beautiful oceans…diving around Nusa Lembongan has something for every diver, whether expert or novice.  happy divers fun fantastic lembongan

The fun factor comes in when you have to wake up in the morning, you hear the happy chirping of the birds, you smell the fresh coffee and you meet your dive buddies! Some still with some sleepy eyes, some wide awake, some still a bit quiet, some already talk for 10. Most important: everyone is dying to go out and start the day with scuba diving!

Meet the scuba divers of Lembongan

happy scuba divers lembongan

Just a few pictures of the happy scuba divers of Nusa Lembongan who visited us the last weeks. Some visited the beautiful Island of Lembongan to fun dive, didn’t scuba dive for a long time, took a PADI scuba dive course or experienced their very first personal encounter with the amazing underwater world.

scuba center lembongan asia happy divers



They all agreed: Mushroom beach is the place to be! Easy access to the beach and dive boat & fun local dive guides / dive instructors.

Happy scuba divers Lembongan

A mix of international people coming from Holland, Australia, Germany, Chille or even from Alaska! It doesn’t matter, you are all scuba divers or training to become one and have the same passion: Scuba Diving! And you all will have that big happy smile on your face when you meet your new friends and see the beauty of the undiscovered pearl of Indonesia: Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

scuba divers happy lembongan island

Your DIVE, Your DAY with Scuba Center Asia

Up to you how you want to schedule your day; 2 scuba dive trips per day in a few days or you want to scuba dive every day. Only the boat trip itself is amazing – the scenery above the water is stunning so you can imagine how it looks under water! There is a 10 step dive brief from one of our PADI dive instructors or PADI divemasters first and then you are ready to explore the crystal clear waters around Nusa Lembongan. The dive depth will be dependent upon your dive certification and your safety is always our priority.

In between the two dives you will be served with fresh fruit, nasi goreng, nasi campur or a healthy club sandwich. Then after the last dive of the day, we all head back to the dive center together to log the dives for the day and share our experiences and talk about all the cool things you saw. Then it’s time to relax and hang out in the lounge or The BAR with your new scuba friends…and plan your next dives!

We hope to see you soon for some happy scuba diving on Lembongan Island.

For questions, you can contact us through [email protected] or facebook page.