If you are a fan of scuba diving, it is highly likely you have heard about Mola Mola. This is the largest bony fish with an average adult weight of between 247 and 1,000 kg. This species is native to the tropical climate where scuba diving is popular hence the fascination of divers with Mola Mola. The German name of the fish is Schwimmender Kopf translated to mean a swimming head. This description aptly fits the huge fish.

ocean sunfish - mola mola

While the Mola Mola is this huge, it is a docile fish that does not pose any danger to humans. It is thus a favorite with divers who want to have a close experience. While little research on the species has been done, there are some facts that keep drawing divers to swim with this fish. Here are some few facts to start you off if you are looking for a swimming experience with the Mola Mola:

  • Where to find the Mola Mola? Tropical and temperate waters provide the best habitat for this fish. In areas, such as Indonesia around Nusa Lembongan and Penida, Europe around Italy and Malta, this fish has been sighted though they are rarely seen. Its rarity makes it even more interesting and divers are always overjoyed just spotting one these gargantuan creatures.
  • Do Mola Mola bask on the surface? This has been a misconception for long though studies now show that the fish does not necessarily come to the surface to recharge lost energy. Research has shown that while the fish normally spends much of the time above 200 meters, it can dive down to 800 meters. The term ocean sunfish has grown out of the misconception that the Mola Mola has to bask so as not to die.
  • How fast does the Mola Mola grow? The growth of this creature is simply amazing. While they begin life as tiny larvae, they grow rapidly to reach their enormous size. The fact that they have few vertebrae makes it possible for the fish to grow rapidly up to its enormous adult size. The heaviest of these bony fish has been recorded to weight 2300kg.
  • Is Mola Mola dangerous? While the fish does not pose danger to swimmers, they can land on boats and due to their big size this can cause injuries. The fish breaches to knock off parasites from its body, which is the only danger it poses.

More research is still ongoing about the Mola Mola, but there is no denying that sighting one of these huge animals is a delight for any diver. Are you curious to see this ocean sunfish? Come and diving with our team!