Published June 20, 2018 | Bali, Diving, Duiken, Nusa Lembongan

Hi guys! It’s me Pimpin, one of the dive instructors of Scuba Center Asia. I hope you like my little story about diving and experiences in Lembongan.

First time diving in Lembongan


exotic life underwater scuba center asia lembongan


First time I have heard about Nusa Lembongan was February 2017. I had no idea where it was and what it looked like. I came to visit and I stumbled across another archipelago of islands just 30 minutes off the east coast of Bali.

Guess what happened next? Now I have been living and working on the island for over a year as a scuba dive instructor with PADI 5 * IDC Dive Resort Scuba Center Asia!

Weird beautiful creatures while diving around Lembongan & Penida

manta dive scuba center asia lembongan

Since I live and work on Lembongan now, I have been so lucky to go diving every day and exploring the island.

Diving in Lembongan is surprisingly amazing compared to the places I have been. I have seen quite some weird stuff underwater but in Lembongan there are so many creatures that I have never thought before scuba diving here. From the “funny” mola-mola, majestic manta, to the small creatures like orang utan crab and of course nudibranch! As a bonus I also got to see a beautiful healthy reef life here!

Of course I very much enjoy going diving, taking photos, and seeing cool stuff underwater with divers but as I am working here I will say that logistics here are really easy. From the dive shop to the beach where the boat is only 5 minutes walking. The dive sites are around the trio island here; Penida, Ceningan, and Lembongan; therefore, the boat ride is roughly only 20-30 minutes. How cool is that!

Dive conditions while diving around Lembongan & Penida

Hidden gem scuba center asia lembongan

Are there any currents around the island? Yes! Sometimes the current can be a little bit challenging so I need to change the dive sites but there are many reasons to love drift diving. I personally enjoy drift diving because I don’t have to swim a lot to see the reef as the current will take me where it goes also the best part is I don’t have to come back to the specific area where I jumped in. With current here, I only need to shoot an SMB before surfacing to the surface and the boat will pick me up within a minute!

I do have to say that we have the best captain of the island at Scuba Center Asia though! He is always spot on and knows where we are underwater even if there is a current. So currents, yes and also very safe diving with Scuba Center Asia.

Another thing is visibility here is very good. Sometimes it goes up and down around 15-20 meters which makes me enjoy the dive even more. For me, it is ideal for teaching as well as fun diving!

The BAR Next Door lunch mushroom beach lembongan
Other cool stuff besides diving around Lembongan

At the end of the day, I normally go to THE BAR Next Door Scuba Center Asia just to enjoy cold beers while meeting up with some other divers. Here, I can chat up with some people about information the island, planning up for weekend, or sharing the diving experiences!

The BAR Next Door is part of Scuba Center Asia, so it’s really fun and awesome to have it literary next door! Haha The food is amazing like the Vegan bowl, nice salads, the best Chicken bacon burger of the island and even me as a Indonesian citizen I love the kroketten en frikandellen!

So come and check it out!