Published August 25, 2016 | Diving, Duiken

We will notice whether or not you are a scuba addict if you have the following traits:
scuba addict

Hand Signals language: If you speak this language to your diving friends, then you are most likely a scuba addict.

That “OK” Sign: Maybe you don’t do hand signals quite often, but this “OK” sign can’t lie. How is it going? (insert “OK” sign). Is your mom fine? (insert another “OK” sign). Basically, you “OK” it all.

Customs are your enemy: It can be your camera, diving gears, or even regulator that makes you unpack your bag. Anyhow, it’s annoying.

Bulky watch: Your timepiece is not just a watch, it’s a computer that helps you dive. That’s why your no diver friends keep asking you why it is so big.

You always know what you wanted: You are never running out of ideas on what to get for yourself. New diving gears as well as a camera or that even bigger watch, you name it. Your next vacation places are easy to guess: Anywhere with a good view and amazing dive spots are your to go places. You totally don’t mind if your closed ones want to go for anything for vacation, as long as you are happy diving.

Dive T-shirts: If other people collected souvenirs when they travel, you collect dive T-shirts instead. Showing off where you have had your scuba dive all over the world with a T-shirt.

What’s that extra card in your wallet that you bring everywhere? Oh, it’s a dive-certification card! Your driver license is important, and so is your dive-certification. You will never know when you need them right? Maybe you’ll get a surprise scuba diving gift from a friend. Naming your pets is easy: Oh, hello Dory! Catch the ball Sharky! (FYI: they are not fishes. They can be a dog, cat, or any pets you may have)

Amazing memory: Swimming side to side with your favorite sea animals with a breathtaking views is unforgettable memories that you can keep for a lifetime. Because what you see underwater is something only you know. Let us help you build even more amazing memories by hosting you your next diving trips. Simply visit our website, and we’ll arrange you anything you need.