Published January 12, 2017 | Diving, Duiken

Scuba diving is fun and it is one of the most reinvigorating outdoor activities. When you get the hang of it, there is no turning back, but you can have a bad experience if you suffer a bruise from the scuba dive mask. This can be painful and the indentation is scary to look at. If you have experienced a mild scuba dive mask squeeze, you appreciate how uncomfortable it can get.

Luckily, this is completely avoidable and if you want to enjoy your diving experience in Lembongan, it is important to appreciate how you can prevent a scuba dive mask squeeze. Here are some ideas to help you understand how a scuba dive mask squeeze occurs and how you can prevent it:

Mask Squeeze


Causes of a Scuba Dive Mask Squeeze

When you wear a scuba dive mask, a pocket of air is trapped around the eyes for visibility. When you start going under this pocket of air reacts the same way as air trapped in other hollow spaces on your body. The deeper you dive the higher the pressure around you and this forces the air trapped behind the mask to compress.

This compression leaves a vacuum on your face, which can lead to bruising of facial tissues or the eye. A scuba dive mask squeeze is easily identifiable on a diver’s face. Your face and eye area will become inflamed or bruised. In severe cases, it can cause subconjunctival hemorrhages which is bleeding beneath the thin layer of the tissues around the eyes. If you have red spots in the whites of your eyes after a dive, you are most likely suffering from a scuba dive mask squeeze.


How to Avoid a Scuba Dive Mask Squeeze

A scuba dive mask squeeze can be painful and it might ruin your diving experience. To avoid it, you should correctly equalize the mask during descent. If you have mastered mouth-only diving, you should periodically exhale into the mask during descent. If you exhale small amounts of air during descent, it is easier to avoid scuba dive mask squeeze. It is advisable to exhale into the mask after every equalization process.

It is possible to enjoy scuba diving without having to worry about a scuba dive mask squeeze. However, if you are unlucky to suffer from the condition you might be forced to see a doctor especially if there is any bleeding. It is important to equalize the air space in your mask before every dive.

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