Published June 14, 2023 | Bali, Courses, Diving, Duiken, IDC, Nusa Lembongan

Our Top 5 Instructor Development Course Experiences – Scuba Center Asia

1. of our Top 5 IDC experience: It’s FUN! 

One thing we can honestly say is that the IDC is a lot of fun! We had a blast in the pool and in open water where we learned to teach with members of the Scuba Center Asia team as our students, often resulting in situations that made us giggle in our regulators.
Of course, becoming an instructor includes learning about serious topics in the classroom, but if things tend to get too serious, rest assured that someone pops in with his happy face and a joke or two.

2. of our Top 5 IDC experience: Too cool for school

Yes, your instructor’s course will consist of theory and study, no doubt about that. Yet how all this is presented is accessible. The team will include a ton of anecdotes that make information more interesting and easier to remember.
They have the best knowledge there is and besides that a lot of experience in the field. Together with the IDC staff we now know all there is to learn about the functioning of our own body and the amazing environments we dive in every day. It is way to cool to learn about these things to call it school!

3. of our Top 5 IDC experience: Are you hungry? 

Your IDC is an intense period full of study and practice, and it is easy to forget to take good care of yourself. Luckily this is not something you have to worry about during #IDCwithKim. You don’t need to worry about anything because the PRO Team will take care of each side issue that might occur. Most importantly they take care of the food and drinks. Every day a delicious and fresh lunch is provided to sustain you for a full day of practice and fun.

4. of our Top 5 IDC experience: Practice, practice, practice

The general theme of each day during the PADI IDC is practice. We practiced our demonstration skills in the pool, problem-solving skills in the open water, presentation skills in the classroom, skills during mock exams, and this list can continue for a little while.

Oh yeah and did we mention that we did some more practice after that? The Pro Team goes above and beyond to make sure you’re ready!

5. of our Top 5 IDC experience: That’s a 5! 

And then you wake up on the morning of your Instructor Exam… The Team made us a lovely breakfast (see point 3) but we were almost too nervous to eat. Trembling we entered the exam room, but as soon as the procedures started we knew we were going to ace it. The IDC prepared us in such a way that we could fully enjoy our exam. It is a truly thrilling experience when your examiner nods, smiles, and tells you ‘Well done, that’s a 5!’



We had the best time during our #IDCwithKim and we are beyond grateful to the full Scuba Center Asia team for making it such a success.