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Mushroom beach Nusa Lembongan

The things to consider before taking your IDC on a paradise island like Nusa Lembongan! One thing we can agree on is that your love for scuba diving brought you here.

Are you already a divemaster and looking to take the next step on the professional ladder to become a dive instructor? Or are you already a dive instructor and want to develop your dive career as an IDC STAFF Instructor?

Either way, consider a few essential things before choosing your PADI IDC center.

We hope you find some clarity in choosing your IDC in Nusa Lembongan by reading this.

We are proud to offer our famous #IDCWithKim instructor development course at Scuba Center Asia Lembongan.

Motivations and reasons for doing the IDC

The first question you should ask yourself (and we want to know, too) is, why?

Why do you want to become a dive instructor and do your IDC? What will it mean to you?

We have seen many people walk through our door to take on the IDC for different reasons. We can list the benefits, but you probably have your motivation and reasons for the right reasons.

Benefits of completing your IDC

  • The PADI Instructor qualification is globally recognized. It’s a passport in itself to be eligible for work opportunities globally.
  • Enable you to take the step from divemaster to dive instructor and teaching.
  • Personal development as a scuba diving instructor.
  • Learn different ways of teaching.
  • You are improving and developing your diving skills and knowledge.
  • Make yourself more desirable to potential employers.
  • Increase your earning potential and dive career.
  • Turn your passion into a career!
  • The dream is to set up your diving school.
PADI dive career

PADI flowchart of all the different levels


Picking a location for your IDC

Picking a location for your dive instructor course, the IDC, is entirely subjective, as everyone has different preferences.

Some people prefer convenient locations over going to a new place that may be further away. Some prefer to dive in warm tropical waters; others don’t mind colder waters.

Many locations worldwide are famous for the scuba diving sites they offer. The dive sites here at Nusa Penida and Lembongan are famous for diving with manta rays daily and the Mola, the Ocean Sunfish in mola season! The location is not only about the dive sites. The PADI IDC Dive Centre and the Pro Team play the most significant role in choosing your dive instructor course location.

  • Ask yourself what you want to gain from the PADI IDC Dive center you choose.
  • Do you want to have a more personal approach, or do you want to be part of the biggest IDC?
  • Ask yourself what you look for in the Course Director or Pro Team. Do you want to have a dedicated, passionate Course Director or someone who leaves a lot of work to an assistant staff instructor or others? Etc.
  • What kind of personality of the IDC dive center are you looking for?

It would be best to consider all the necessary questions before choosing your IDC location. Remember that you learn the same material no matter where you do a PADI IDC. The difference is how the PADI Pro team and IDC Dive Centre or resort are passionate about the dive instructor course!

Location of the PADI IDC: Why Nusa Lembongan and not Nusa Penida?

What is the reason? The Nusa islands Lembongan and Penida are famous for their scuba diving sites, as you know.

Most of the year, it has warm tropical (27-30°C) and colder (16-27°C) between July and September.

The islands are famous for their dive sites, Manta Bay and Manta Point, to see manta rays. Also, when the water temperature drops, you have a chance to see the famous Mola-Mola Sunfish fish. Two reasons alone why we know Nusa Lembongan or Penida is an excellent choice.

Lembongan Island already has a very established scuba diving community. Having this community around is excellent for networking and socializing with like-minded people. Maybe even get a dive instructor job on Lembongan. Penida Island is slowly coming, which is great too. The only minor point of doing your IDC at Nusa Penida is that the training during the IDC still happens on Lembongan Island house reef. So why go to Penida if the training in-water training is on Lembongan?

What is more important: the image of the IDC center or Dive Pro Team?

We did a test in early 2022 and 80% feel the PADI Course Director is the most important reason to choose an IDC center to do the IDC. What do you feel is the most important? Yes, the image of the IDC dive center is important, but remember: Professional training like the IDC is a separate entity from a Dive center. This means that the PADI professional training is done by another team from the regular business of a dive school. Some IDC centers hire a PADI Course Director to fly in and teach the IDC. They have no further affiliation with that particular dive center. Other IDC centers have a dedicated in-house Dive Pro team. They are part of the Divemaster training and Dive Instructor Development. This last option is the case at Scuba Center Asia Lembongan, for example. Ask yourself, what do you like most?

Another thing to consider is the personality of the PADI Course Director. Is there an opportunity to meet with the Course Director and Pro team before you decide on doing the IDC? This can be online or a face-to-face meeting. Can he or she relate to you? Do you like personal attention during the IDC, or don’t you care about that? What language do they speak? What is his or her business experience as a Dive Professional?

Ask yourself what fits you. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel good at the PADI IDC center and the PADI Course Director. The IDC takes commitment and hard work! So it’s nice to get the opportunity to shine during the IDC and to be YOU.


Does group size matter in choosing your PADI IDC?

Group size is an essential but sometimes overlooked aspect of taking on your PADI IDC.  Everyone has a different preference for group size, and there is no right or wrong. Completely subjective.

Some students are happy to be part of large groups at bigger dive shops. Other students prefer smaller groups at medium to small-sized dive shops.

The material you learn is the same, and the tests you sit are the same. But both offer very different feels.

Larger groups may offer the chance to socialize with larger groups of divers. One-on-one time with your IDC Staff Instructor or Course Director may be more limited as they have more students to work with.

Smaller groups offer the chance for the IDC Staff Instructors or Course Director to spend more one-on-one time with you, as they aren’t spread as thin.

So if you need and want extra time to run through skills or theory knowledge, a smaller dive shop could be right for you!

You also feel a part of the family when you leave with smaller dive shops.

The question is, what is important to you? Size does matter sometimes.

Choosing your PADI IDC: What’s included in your IDC?

You will want to find out what’s included as part of the IDC program you choose.

Some IDC programs will only offer the course; other dive centres include accommodation. Few will offer accommodation as well as daily meals during course hours. TIP: DO NOT GO FOR THE CHEAPEST OPTION.

If you are cost-conscious and want to maximise what you receive for your money, it is worth asking.

The #IDCWithKim at Scuba Center Asia comes inclusive of accommodation and lunches. Plus, the EFR Instructor rating and the AWARE course instructor ratings. At the dive centre, you find everything under one roof! A big, deep pool on-site, designed to accommodate all skills related to the IDC, a BBQ area, different lounge areas, an airconditioned IDC classroom, and a bar (sometimes also important, especially after all that hard work), and a dedicated boat for the IDC.

The best part of the IDC with Kim at Scuba Center Asia is the aftercare included in the complete package. It doesn’t stop with the IDC. Scuba Center Asia offers a job placement program and a dive career mentorship. This is unique in the setup of the #idcwithkim and no other IDC center offers this.

We have limited spaces on our #IDCWithKim so get in touch today for more information.

We hope the above has helped to shed some light on considerations before booking your IDC. Professional development is amazing, especially when your motivations lie in the right place.  If you want to know more about our #IDCWithKim, get in touch with us here for more information.